Monday, January 23, 2006

PInvoke How-Tos!

Matt Tiemeyer found this site today while we were digging up some obscure PInvoke API documentation called ... it's like a Wiki with everything you wanted to know about PInvoke and lots of sample code.  Very great resource ... added it to my bookmarks and you should too.

From the Site:

It's time to stop writing PInvoke signatures from scratch! Instead, copy and paste your way to productivity!

And this site has more than just signatures & type definitions. For example:

  • Folks like you are sharing gotchas, tips, and samples specific to managed code. For example, check out why you shouldn't call CoInitializeSecurity from managed code.
  • Alternative managed APIs are suggested as a replacement for using PInvoke in the first place.
  • This site contains miscellaneous community resources that are helpful for being successful at unmanaged code interoperability. Feel free to add to these pages, too!

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